The Science of Anaphylaxis – An Allergic Storm

Have you ever wondered what happens in your body during an allergic reaction? How does a small amount of allergen (e.g. peanut, fish, wheat, etc) trigger a deadly war that can potentially kill you? And how does epinephrine, the only medication that can stop an allergic reaction from wrecking havoc, work its wonders to save a life? Dr. Sarah M. Boudreau-Romano, MD answers these questions in simple scientific terms to raise awareness and educate the public about how serious food allergies can be. Click here to learn more.

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Food Allergy Awareness – Finding Hope

17-year-old Aaron Peterson composed an album in dedication to his little brother Spencer who has food allergies in order to raise awareness and support. He has been composing piano music for two years and raised almost $5,000 for food allergy research and education. In fact, he earned an honorable mention in FARE’s Food Allergy Youth Innovation Awards! Check out his music at Great job Aaron!!